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Folsom Eats Feature: Willamette Wineworks

Willamette Wineworks, located on the second floor of the Roundhouse building, is elevating Folsom’s wine scene with tastings from the acclaimed Willamette Valley Vineyards of Oregon, curated food pairings, a unique wine blending experience, and a location that can’t be beat.

Why we love Willamette Wineworks at Folsom Eats

If you’re looking for amazing wine and a unique experience in a beautiful location, look no further than Willamette Wineworks on Sutter Street. Whether it’s for a date night, a special event, or a glass of wine after work, Willamette Wineworks will be sure to impress casual wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

Keep reading to see the best parts of this microbrewery’s history, location, and the unique offerings they bring to our town’s wine scene.

Blending history and wine at Willamette Wineworks

The sense of family legacy and roots in West Coast wine lore are undeniable at Willamette Wineworks, thanks to Jim and Jerry Bernau. Jim Bernau, the founder of Willamette Valley Vineyards in Oregon, is brother to Jerry Bernau, the man responsible for the development of The Roundhouse in Historic Folsom. 

Thanks to Jerry’s attention to detail during construction of The Roundhouse, Folsom’s keystone role in the history of West Coast locomotive transportation is on full display for all who wine and dine in the gorgeous building, including patrons of Willamette Wineworks.

Folsom’s best wine spot – any time of the year

Built on the original site of Folsom’s locomotive roundhouse in the early 19th century, the new building which houses Willamette Wineworks upstairs and Scott’s Seafood on the first floor, honors Folsom’s legacy with exceptional attention to detail. According to an interview with Jerry Bernau “The four 12-foot-by-17-foot wooden doors entering each stall were made locally in Northern California by about 10 different craftsmen, fabricators and blacksmiths.” As a final touch, the latches connecting the massive wooden doors were crafted by blacksmiths from Pioneer Village just a few steps down the road on Sutter Street.

After you’ve admired the fantastic, historically inspired and locally crafted details of the Roundhouse, make your way to the second floor to find Willamette Wineworks microwinery.

What we love about Willamette Wineworks (besides their wine of course) is that it’s the perfect spot for a glass of wine all year round. Their second-story outdoor patio has incredible views of historic Folsom, making it the perfect spot to get some sun with your wine and food pairings in the warmer months. Once the temperatures drop, the patio is equipped with heaters for wine connoisseurs to enjoy one of the best views in town while staying warm.

Folsom foodie pro-tip: The Roundhouse looks over the ice skating rink and giant Christmas tree, so Willamette Wineworks’ patio is the perfect spot to catch the annual Christmas tree lighting, or enjoy views of the holiday festivities all holiday season.

For those seeking even more cozy surroundings, you’ll be warmly greeted by the massive indoor fireplace inside Willamette Wineworks. In our opinion, there’s no better place in Folsom to enjoy a glass of wine.

A second home for wine-lovers in the heart of Folsom

The features that make Willamette Wineworks special to Folsom’s food scene are too numerous to count…fabled family history in Folsom dating back to the early 20th century, an unbeatable location…but the best part of Willamette Wineworks is the unique experience that they offer to wine connoisseurs in Folsom.

Not only does this microwinery provide access to the award winning wine from Oregon’s renowned Willamette Valley Vineyards, but Jim Bernau and and the team behind Willamette Wineworks have created a place to experience wine and the process that goes into making it like nowhere else in town.

Check out the unique offerings that wine enthusiasts can find right in the heart of Folsom at Willamette Wineworks:

Wine blending

Become a winemaker by tasting through the barrel lots on site at Willamette Wineworks, testing out different blends and crafting your own unique cuvée. Enjoy a glass at the Roundhouse, or take home your personalized blend in a reusable growler. 

Reservations can be made for up to four guests, so it’s the perfect experience to take visiting family or friends to, and show them the very best of Folsom!

Wine tasting

The tasting room at Willamette Wineworks, features the best of what Willamette Valley Vineyards has to offer, in addition to a wide selection of fine wines from California, Oregon and Washington.

It’s the perfect spot to brush up on your wine knowledge, or just to meet up with a friend for an expertly curated wine experience.

Food pairing

While wine is the main character at Willamette Wineworks, every wine lover knows there’s nothing better than perfectly paired bites and delicacies to go with your favorite glass. 

With the food pairing menu at Willamette, you can leave the job up to the specialists, and kick back in the family-friendly tasting room and enjoy a tasting menu made to enhance your wine experience. 

Private events 

If the history nerd within you lights up over the historically significant details that went into Jerry Bernau’s vision for The Roundhouse, you’re in luck–Willamette Wineworks’ cellar is available for private events, so you can host your next event in the heart of Folsom’s historic district, with the best wine offerings in town to enhance an unmatched location.

Wine club membership

For those who can’t get enough of the exciting wine offerings that are offered at Willamette Wineworks, you can join the wine club membership and get perks like:

  • Discounts on wine every time you visit
  • Hand picked selections of bottles multiple times a year, shipped right to your home
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Discounts on events hosted in the Willamette Wineworks cellar

Visit Willamette Wineworks in the heart of Folsom’s beloved historic district to get more information about what one of our favorite spots in town offers…or just head over there for an excellent glass of wine in a beautiful space!

Where to find Willamette Wineworks: 824 Sutter St Suite 200, Folsom, CA 95630

How to reach Willamette Wineworks: (916) 542-7417 | Contact Page


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